Pakistani Spy in Indian Embassy-ARRESTED

An Indian embassy worker in Russia, identified as Satendra Siwal, has been arrested for allegedly sharing sensitive information with Pakistan's ISI agency. He was caught after a months-long operation
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The World’s Top 10 Richest Men , Elon musk is out

world's top10 reichest men
Luxury Rules! Bernard Arnault reclaims the crown on Forbes' Richest list, while Elon Musk soars to #2. Bezos follows at #3 as tech titans shuffle. Explore the fortunes of the world's wealthiest
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PM Modi : Girls, Our Nation’s Change-makers!

National girl child day
On National Girl Child Day, initiatives across India engage and empower girls, the change-makers and leaders of tomorrow!
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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Count down Start :First Darshan of Ram Lalla

Ram Mandir Cover photo
As Ram Mandir nears completion, VHP unveils first image of Ram Lalla idol ahead of Jan 22 consecration rituals in Ayodhya, depicts Lord holding bow-arrow in standing pose inside sanctum sanctorum.
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Samsung Galaxy A35 : 10-reasons why should we buy it ?

samsung Glaxy A35 (2)
Considering Samsung's upcoming Galaxy A35? This web story explores 10 compelling reasons – from an advanced Exynos chip to pro camera tools – that make the A35 a new mid-range star.
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90-30-50 Diet Decoded: Your Next Health Move

banner 90-30-50-balanced-diet-plan
Beyond fad diets, the science-backed 90-30-50 plan leverages optimal macronutrient interplay tailored to one's lifestyle for multidimensional wellness.
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D2M Technology : India Advances SIM-Free TV

web story banner2
Powering world's largest convergence play merging telecom and broadcasting, India undertakes robust trials of direct-to-mobile platform allowing internet-free live TV across smartphones.
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How India Unlocks Eurasia Gateway through Chabahar Port?

How India Unlocks Eurasia Gateway through Chabahar Port
After prolonged ambiguity, New Delhi inks strategic Chabahar port deal with Tehran, binding her economic aspirations in Central Asia and balancing China's creeping unilateralism
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