Bernard Arnault tops 2024 richest list with $207.8 billion fortune fueled by growth of luxury giant LVMH 

Elon Musk falls to #2 with net worth of $204.7 billion after Tesla stock plunged, erasing over $50 billion. 

Jeff Bezos third richest at $181.3 billion even after expensive divorce, with Amazon stock recovering from lows. 

Larry Ellison continues adding billions with Oracle's cloud success, boasting $142.2 billion net worth for fourth spot.  

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta Platforms $139.1 B: Facebook founder falls to #5 metaverse gamble yet to pay off. 

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway lifted his wealth to $127.2 billion to rank sixth richest in his 90s. 

Larry Page gained $127.1 billion from Google despite exiting leadership, ranking seventh on richest list.    

Bill Gates places 8th  with $122.9 billion net worth, shedding billions through philanthropy like Gates Foundation  

Sergey Brin ranking  on 9th also profited after stepping down as Alphabet president, amassing $121.7 billion fortune.  

Steve Ballmer's 4% Microsoft stake brought his wealth to $118.8 billion, He is on 10th spot.