Massive Spam Hits Google Drive: Protect Yourself

Massive Spam Hits Google Drive Protect Yourself
Discover the shocking truth about the massive spam campaign targeting Google Drive users. Learn how to spot red flags, protect your data, and stay safe from cybercriminals exploiting cloud storage
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Devin: The First AI Software Engineer will surprise You

Discover Devin, the groundbreaking AI software engineer capable of writing, debugging, and deploying code with a single prompt, revolutionizing the way software is developed and pushing the boundaries
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India’s Ban of These Dangerous-Dog Breeds – You Must Know

India's Ban of These Dangerous-Dog Breeds - You Must Know
India takes a bold stance against aggressive dog breeds, sparking debates on public safety versus animal rights. Explore the controversial move to ban breeding certain canines.
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Rihanna: From Barbados to Global Domination

Rihanna From Barbados to Global Domination
Explore Rihanna's remarkable journey from a talented singer to a global icon, conquering the realms of music, fashion, entrepreneurship, and cultural influence with her undeniable charisma.
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Modi Govt Strong-Arms Google: Top Indian Apps Restored

Modi Govt Strong-Arms Google Top Indian Apps Restored
Bowing rapidly to Indian government and startup pressure over sudden removal of 150+ apps, Google preserved tentative truce through conditional restorations but left unsettled fee dissent and monopoly
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Rave Reviews for Yami Gautam’s ‘Article 370’ Political Thriller

Rave Reviews for Yami Gautam's 'Article 370' Political Thriller
Social media overflows with praise for Yami Gautam-starrer 'Article 370', hailed as a gripping political thriller that adeptly tackles complex Kashmir issues while showcasing stellar performances.
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SC Clip Wings of Anonymous Poll Bonds

SC Clip Wings of Anonymous Poll Bonds
Supreme Court strikes down controversial electoral bonds scheme enabling anonymous political donations, months ahead of 2024 Lok Sabha polls. Know details.
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How did 8 Indian ex-Navy officers release from Qatar Jail ?

How did 8 Indian ex-Navy officers release from Qatar Jail
8 Indian ex-Navy officers faced death in Qatar jail on spying charges; how PM Modi's quiet diplomacy and talks with Emir secured their release after 18 months
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Super Earth Discovered by NASA in Habitable Zone

TESS satellite discovers tempting super-Earth planet orbiting small red dwarf star TOI-715 just 137 light years away, located in habitable zone with potential for liquid water.
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Cervical Cancer in India: Take these steps to protect yourself

cevical cancer
Cervical cancer takes huge toll on Indian women's health and lives. Understand symptoms, prevention through HPV vaccine, screening essential for early detection and better survival.
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