Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer among Indian women

With over 96,000 cases yearly. Preventable disease takes huge toll.

HPV infection causes 99% cervical cancers. Early sexual debut, multiple partners raises risk. Smoking, HIV also risk factors. 

No early symptoms. Later: abnormal bleeding, discharge, pain. Screening essential to detect precancerous changes early. 

HPV vaccine most effective prevention starting age 9-14 before sexual debut. Also regular pap smears every 3-5 years. 

India's screening rates very low - under 5%. Expanding infrastructure, awareness activities, task shifting to ASHAs key. 

If detected early through screening, cervical cancer highly treatable. Survival over 90% in stage 1, 50% overall. 

Treatment options include surgery, chemo, radiation, immunotherapy. Ayushman Bharat covers free treatment at empaneled hospitals. 

Eliminating cervical cancer possible by 2050 through concentrated effort on vaccination, screening, infrastructure upgrade. 

Women's lives hang in balance. Prevention, early detection, policy change must be prioritized now to curb cervical cancer burden. 

United action across society levels can create future where no more mothers, daughters suffer from preventable cervical cancer.