Indian Embassy in Russia Rocked: Security Assistant ARRESTED for Espionage with Pakistan's ISI.

Satendra Siwal, Embassy Worker, Busted Sharing Classified Info with Pakistani Intelligence.  

Leaked Secrets: Military & Ministry of External Affairs Intel Compromised. 

UP ATS Uncovers ISI Network Luring Embassy Employees with Money for Information 

Months-Long Investigation Leads to Siwal's Arrest in Meerut, India.  

Interrogation Breaks Siwal, Full Confession Reveals Espionage Activities.  

War & Espionage Charges Filed, Strict Action Awaits the Accused. 

Security Breach Raises Concerns: Is India's Embassy Network Vulnerable? 

Investigation Continues, More Arrests Possible as Network Unravels. 

Stay Updated: Follow This Espionage Case and its Implications for India's Security.