The 90-30-50 diet recommends getting 90% calories from nutrient-dense whole foods, 30% from healthy fats, and 50% from unprocessed complex carbs 

It balances macronutrients instead of drastic cuts - fueling the body wholesomely for sustained energy sans crashes.  

Perks include boosted metabolism, fat loss, lower glucose spikes, increased muscle building and enhanced immunity 

Meal plan by incorporating lean proteins like legumes, omega fats via nuts/avocados and low glycemic carbs such as quinoa.  

Customizing to individual context critical - reduce carbs if sedentary or modify sources if vegan aligning ratio balance 

Core emphasis on wholesome real foods abundantly delivering vitamins, minerals and antioxidants bolsters health. 

Lowers inflammation, curbs cravings via optimal protein-carb-fat combo keeping one satiated for longer. 

Favor a mix of produce, plant/egg/dairy proteins and healthy fats like olive oil or avocados meeting ratio guidance. 

Flexibly adaptable to suit preferences like veganism or needs like diabetes once personalized by an expert dietitian. 

Gradually transition meal plans towards optimal 90-30-50 ratios instead of rapid radical overhaul for sustainable change