India undertakes trials of direct-to-mobile platform allowing smartphones to receive live TV broadcasts without internet or SIM usage.

D2M works like radio networks. Enabled phones can decode multimedia signals transmitted over dedicated mobile broadcast networks.  

Bengaluru, Delhi, Noida first pilot locations. 19 additional cities lined up for expanded D2M tech trials spearheaded by public broadcaster Prasar Bharati. 

Compatible mobiles require additional hardware like tuning antenna and dedicated baseband processing unit to receive direct broadcasts. 

Per unit production cost increase estimated under ₹300 for integrating D2M across mass market affordable phones. 

Transition from internet-based streaming to direct over-the-air signal reception saves massive mobile data usage, decongesting cellular networks 

Allows viewership of live TV channels, real-time video without eating phone’s data packs. Useful for poorer consumers with limited cellular access. 

Robustness of dedicated networks enables innovative e-governance solutions targeting remote regions lacking internet connectivity leveraging broadcast networks omnipresence. 

Beyond media delivery, National D2M backbone can massively strengthen disaster response communications, PM Modi’s vision of Digital India. 

Leveraging convergence of 5G and broadcasting, India takes significant technological leap with pioneering SIM-free D2M services - transforming multimedia access for Bharat