'Article 370' hailed as gripping political thriller, with rave reviews pouring in on social media platforms like Twitter. 

Viewers praise film for adeptly navigating complex Kashmir issues, shedding light on pivotal historical events. 

Yami Gautam earns widespread acclaim for brilliant performance as intelligence officer working to restore stability. 

Film lauded for meticulous attention to detail, gritty depiction of political drama surrounding Article 370. 

Some critiques of slow-paced first half, superficial portrayal of Modi - but broadly outweighed by acclaim. 

Telugu actor Adivi Sesh commends adept handling of political intrigue, says Gautam's role her best performance yet. 

Film highlighted as rare well-crafted political thriller that engages audiences while educating on Kashmir. 

Early box office reports indicate strong ticket sales, signaling film set to succeed commercially. 

Narrative follows intelligence officer Zooni Haksar tackling unrest and making pivotal decisions. 

Film effectively spotlights courage of officers like Haksar and Modi govt’s dedication.