Google removes 150+ Indian apps from Play Store on Mar 1, 2024 over billing policy non-compliance after warnings since 2018. 

IT Minister Vaishnaw opposes uninstallations, says India will protect startups; founders decry Google's unilateral power play. 

Within hours, Google blinks under government and startup pressure; offers to restore apps minus commissions or billing integration. 

Google initially set 30% in-app purchase fee in 2018, later reduced to 15% for some developers to address complaints. 

List of major impacted apps include,, BharatMatrimony spanning jobs, real estate, matrimony categories. 

Restore first, talk later: hasty truce avoids Indian app extinction but leaves unresolved fee dissent and antitrust concerns. 

Government panel floats self-regulation with billing commissions cap, transparency requirements to balance startup and platform interests. 

Android's 97% India market share gave Google gatekeeper power checked via public slapdown forcing conciliation to save face and stall rising mutiny. 

Case heads to Supreme Court March 19 as startups watch cautiously celebrating reprieve but gearing up for renewed tug-of-war if restoration proves short-lived. 

David vs Goliath tussle over app store dominance has global parallels across EU, US as regulators weigh-in on unchecked Big Tech clout over innovation economy futures.