PM Modi Lauds Girls As Change-Makers On National Girl Child Day 2024

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PM Modi Lauds Girls As Change-Makers On National Girl Child Day 2024

National Girl Child Day 2024: The Indomitable Spirit and Accomplishments of India’s Daughters

January 24, 2024, marks National Girl Child Day in India, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the rights of girls and promoting their empowerment through education and health initiatives. On this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the “indomitable spirit and accomplishments” of the girl child, highlighting their immense potential as change-makers and nation-builders.

The following comprehensive blog post explores the significance of National Girl Child Day, the Prime Minister’s message, government efforts to empower girls, and the programs organized on this day.


National Girl Child Day has been observed on January 24 every year since 2008 after the Ministry of Women and Child Development declared it on this date.

The objectives behind dedicating a day to raising awareness about the girl child are:

  • Highlighting the importance of girls’ education, health, and nutrition.
  • Promoting awareness about the rights of the girl child.
  • Changing negative attitudes and behaviours towards girls.
  • Celebrating the achievements and potential of girls.
  • Reviewing schemes and programs for girls and strengthening delivery mechanisms.

Over the last decade, the government has launched several meaningful initiatives to build an India where every girl child has equal opportunities to learn, grow, and realize her full potential.

On National Girl Child Day 2024, Prime Minister Modi lauded girls as change-makers and emphasized the government’s commitment to empowering the girl child across all sectors and at all levels.

Prime Minister Lauds Girls as ‘Change-Makers’

On January 24, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to social media to convey his message on the occasion of National Girl Child Day.

In a tweet, he said:

“On National Girl Child Day, we salute the indomitable spirit and accomplishments of the Girl Child. We also recognize the rich potential of every girl child in all sectors. They are change-makers who make our nation and society better. Over the last decade, our government has been making many efforts to build a nation where every girl child has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.”

The Prime Minister highlighted the following in his message:

  • Saluted girls’ indomitable spirit and accomplishments: Recognizing their achievements in diverse fields.
  • Emphasized potential in all sectors: Girls have immense talents to contribute meaningfully in every domain.
  • Called girls change-makers: They drive positive change in families, communities, and the nation.
  • Government committed to opportunities for girls: Ensuring education, growth, and empowerment.

The Prime Minister’s message underscores the government’s commitment to enabling girls to realize their potential as equal citizens and leaders of tomorrow. By calling them change-makers, he has highlighted that girls have a crucial role to play in shaping a progressive India.

Government Efforts to Empower the Girl Child

In alignment with the 2024 National Girl Child Day theme of promoting equal opportunities for girls, the government has implemented several schemes and initiatives focused on the education, health, and empowerment of girls.

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

The flagship Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (BBBP) scheme launched in 2015 targets improving the child sex ratio and education levels among girls. Key components include:

  • Preventing gender-biased sex selection
  • Ensuring survival and protection of the girl child
  • Ensuring the education of the girl child

The program has led to the celebration of the birth of girl children, increased enrollment of girls in schools, and strict enforcement of the Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PC&PNDT) Act.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana encourages families to save for their daughters’ future education and expenses. The scheme provides an interest rate of 7.6% and tax rebates. Over 1.3 crore accounts have been opened under the scheme.


UJJAWALA aims to prevent trafficking and rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate trafficking victims. Over 7,000 beneficiaries have been covered under the scheme.

Other Schemes

Other central and state government schemes for empowering girls include the Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Kanya Shiksha Pravesh Utsav, Mukhyamantri Kanya Utthan Yojana, Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojana etc.

National Girl Child Day Programs and Events

National Girl Child Day Programs and Events

On the occasion of National Girl Child Day on January 24, 2024, various initiatives, events, and campaigns were organized across India to raise awareness.

SHE Teams Conduct School Awareness Programs in Hyderabad

Telangana Police’s SHE Teams carried out comprehensive awareness programs on women’s rights and safety at schools in Hyderabad. These included:

  • Sessions on good touch-bad touch
  • Cyber safety
  • Seeking help when in distress
  • Role of SHE teams

Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat in Uttar Pradesh

In Uttar Pradesh, the Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat campaign organized quiz competitions centred around women empowerment and the girl child. Meritorious female students were awarded scholarships and cycles.

All-Women Marathon in Karnataka

On January 22, an all-women marathon was organized in Karnataka to spread awareness about gender equality and girl child education.

Essay Writing and Debate Competitions

Many schools and colleges held essay writing, debate, and extempore competitions with themes related to educating and empowering the girl child.

Other Events

  • Self-defense workshops
  • Health camps for girls
  • Career counselling sessions
  • Drawing and rangoli competitions
  • Nukkad nataks (street plays)

These events helped promote positive attitudes towards girls and highlighted the need for equal opportunities.

Watch the web story on National Girl Child Day

FAQs about National Girl Child Day

1. When is National Girl Child Day observed in India?

National Girl Child Day has been observed annually on January 24 in India since 2008.

2. Who declared National Girl Child Day?

National Girl Child Day was declared by the Ministry of Women and Child Development on January 24, 2008.

3. What is the significance of National Girl Child Day?

The day aims to raise awareness about the rights of the girl child, promote girls’ education and health, change attitudes towards girls, and highlight the achievements of the girl child.

4. What was Prime Minister Modi’s National Girl Child Day message?

PM Modi saluted the accomplishments of the girl child, called them change-makers, and reaffirmed the government’s efforts to empower girls through education and opportunity.

5. What is the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme?

BBBP is the government’s flagship scheme to prevent gender-biased sex selection, ensure girls’ education and survival, and celebrate the girl child.

6. How can I contribute to National Girl Child Day?

You can support girls’ education, treat girls equally, participate in awareness events, volunteer with NGOs working for girls, and challenge regressive attitudes.

7. Why is educating girls important?

Educating girls boosts economies, reduces child marriages and population growth, improves health outcomes for families, and empowers girls as equal citizens.


National Girl Child Day is an important reminder to provide girls with access to education, healthcare, safety, and equal opportunities. As Prime Minister Modi highlighted, girls have immense potential to be change-makers and nation-builders of tomorrow.

The government’s meaningful schemes, combined with ground-level efforts by police, schools, and NGOs are steadily dismantling gender barriers and empowering girls. However, the goal of gender equality calls for sustained efforts to change regressive mindsets and end discrimination.

This National Girl Child Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to empowering girls and enabling each daughter to achieve her fullest potential. An educated, healthy, and empowered girl child means a progressive India.

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