Can Uttar Pradesh Emerge as the Driving Force Behind India’s $5 Trillion Dream?: UP Tourism And Infrastructure

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Uttar Pradesh Emerges as India’s Next Economic Powerhouse Driven By UP Tourism and Infrastructure

Uttar Pradesh Emerges as India's Next Economic Powerhouse Driven By UP Tourism and Infrastructure

India aims to reach a $5 trillion economy by 2028, requiring an ambitious GDP growth rate of 8.4% annually in dollar terms. As the country strives to achieve this goal, Uttar Pradesh (UP) is poised to play a pivotal role in this growth trajectory.

UP Tourism and Infrastructure: UP’s Projected Contribution to India’s GDP Growth

Recent projections indicate UP will hold the second-highest weightage in India’s GDP by 2028, surpassing European countries like Norway and Hungary.

  • UP contributed over 10% to India’s Gross Value Added (GVA) in 2023, with substantial shares in services (11.7%), industry (8%), and agriculture (8%).
  • Along with Maharashtra, UP is expected to cross the $500 billion GDP mark by 2027, collectively contributing 10% to India’s economy.

This reflects UP’s rapid development amid massive infrastructure and investment initiatives.

UP Tourism and Infrastructure: Factors Driving UP’s Economic Rise

Several key factors explain UP’s projected economic prominence:

1. Massive Infrastructure Growth

  • UP has doubled its installed power generation capacity between 2014-2022.
  • It ranks 2nd in India’s Ease of Doing Business report of 2019, attracting substantial investments.
  • Initiatives like defence corridors, the Purvanchal Expressway, and the upcoming Jewar Airport strengthen infrastructure.

2. Thriving Export Industry

  • UP’s exports grew at 7.1% CAGR in 2013-2023, outpacing India’s average of 4.1%.
  • The state doubled its export share nationally to become the 6th largest exporter.
  • Key exports include carpets, leather goods, textiles, handicrafts and software services.
RAM MANDIR TEMPLE : UP Tourism and Infrastructure: Factors Driving UP's Economic Rise
Ram Mandir Temple ( Source: Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra)

3. Tourism Boom

  • With the Ganga River, Varanasi, Taj Mahal and the new Ram Mandir, UP sees massive tourism growth.
  • 32 crore domestic tourists visited UP in 2022, spending over ₹2 lakh crore.
  • Ayodhya alone saw 2.21 crore visitors, with the Ram Mandir expected to generate ₹25,000 crore revenue by 2025.
  • Foreign tourists spend an additional ₹10,500 crore in UP.
  • PRASHAD and Swadesh Darshan schemes also boost tourism.

4. Policy Drives

  • Mega leather cluster in Kanpur – boost to the leather industry
  • Defence corridors – Agra and Aligarh – manufacturing and R&D hub
  • Multi-modal logistics parks – transport and warehousing infrastructure

UP Tourism and Infrastructure: Impact on India’s $5 Trillion Economy Goal

UP’s multifaceted progress positions it as a key player in realising India’s ambitious $5 trillion economy goal by 2028.

  • Achieving 11-11.5% nominal GDP growth per annum could enable India to reach this milestone.
  • With UP poised to surpass Norway’s GDP, it will be among the top states driving this growth.

UP’s rise will mark a significant milestone as India becomes the world’s 3rd largest economy. The state has emerged as a frontrunner that will uplift India’s global economic stature in the years ahead.

FAQs about UP Tourism and Infrastructure

Q. How much does UP currently contribute to India’s economy?

UP contributed over 10% to India’s GVA in 2023, with substantial shares in services, industry and agriculture.

Q. What is UP’s current rank in terms of ease of doing business?

UP ranks 2nd in India’s Ease of Doing Business report of 2019.

Q. What is the CAGR of UP’s exports from 2013-2023?

UP’s exports grew at 7.1% CAGR during this period.

Q. Which major tourist sites drive UP’s tourism industry?

Key sites like the Ganga River, Varanasi, Taj Mahal and Ram Mandir drive UP’s tourism.

Q. How many tourists visited UP in 2022?

Approximately 32 crore domestic tourists visited UP in 2022.

Q. Alongside which state is UP projected to surpass $500 billion in GDP by 2027?

UP and Maharashtra are both slated to surpass $500 billion in GDP by 2027.

Q. How much additional tax revenue could the Ram Mandir generate for UP by 2025?

The Ram Mandir is expected to generate ₹25,000 crore additional revenue for UP by 2025.

Conclusion for UP Tourism and Infrastructure

Driven by thriving tourism, exports and infrastructure growth, Uttar Pradesh is slated to be India’s next economic powerhouse state. With the right policies and investments, UP is primed to unlock its massive potential, playing a leading role in catapulting India to the $5 trillion economy goal by 2028. Its success will uplift India’s global standing and bring widespread prosperity.


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