T20 World Cup 2024: India Set for High-Voltage Pakistan Clash at Innovative Pop-Up New York Stadium

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New Pop-Up Cricket Stadium in New York to Host Highly Anticipated India vs Pakistan 2024 T20 World Cup Match

The 2024 ICC Men’s Twenty20 (T20) World Cup will be the biggest ever! It is being organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and played between June 1-29 in the United States and West Indies.

This T20 World Cup will have 20 teams participating – more than ever before. These teams will play over 50 exciting matches across 9 different stadiums in the Caribbean islands and USA to find the best T20 squad!

Having the tournament hosted jointly by the US for the first time along with the West Indies adds to the scale and complexity for the ICC. They have to ensure top quality arrangements for cricket in a country new to the sport. Plus also build the largest temporary cricket stadium ever in New York to host some very big games like arch-rivals India vs Pakistan!

Overall it will be a sensational T20 cricket carnival between the best players on the planet battling for the coveted World Cup crown over an entire month!

Key Highlights

  • A record 20 teams will participate, up from 16 in the 2022 edition
  • Matches hosted across 9 venues in the Caribbean and North America
  • Pop-up 34,000-seat stadium being built near New York to host 8 games
  • India placed in Group A with Pakistan, Ireland, Canada and the USA
  • All 4 of India’s matches in the USA, including the marquee clash with arch-rivals Pakistan

The center piece of the tournament will be an innovative, first-of-its-kind pop-up cricket stadium purpose-built to host 8 crucial matches in Nassau County, New York.

Nassau County International Cricket Stadium

Nassau County International Cricket Stadium – A Engineering Marvel

The innovative modular cricket stadium at Nassau County is being designed by prominent architects Populous, who have worked on several iconic venues across the world.

Nassau County International Cricket Stadium will be the first temporary cricket venue ever constructed purely for an ICC event. Let’s keep an eye on the specifications and details of this modular stadium :

Location30 miles east of Manhattan
Capacity34,000 – Larger than any existing venue in England!
Build TimeJust 3 months! Work starts Feb 2024
Key FeaturesPremium seats, party decks, hospitality suites, fan zone, drop-in pitch from Adelaide Oval, food/drinks outlets
ArchitectPopulous – designed stadiums for Yankees, Mets, Spurs

The ambitious 3-month project involves laying new drainage, installing a pitch, floodlights and hospitality areas, and repurposing modular grandstands from a Las Vegas Formula 1 circuit to build seating for 34,000 fans.

Damian Hough – the famed Adelaide Oval pitch curator has already prepared a drop-in square being grown near Miami. This patch of grass will be transported in early May to lay the playing surface at Nassau stadium.

By hosting high-stakes matches like India vs Pakistan, the innovative pop-up stadium aims to tap into the vast cricket fanbase in the New York-New Jersey area and catalyze the growth of cricket in USA – ICC’s 3rd largest market.

Draw and Match Schedule

People are excited about T20 world cup 2024 after launching its schedule . In this T20 world the Defending champions England are placed alongside Afghanistan, Australia and two qualifiers in Group 1.

Mean while India finds itself in Group A with neighbors Pakistan, hosts USA, Canada and Ireland. Let’s first know about India’s Group Stage Schedule then , we shall discuss about the compete schedule of T20 world Cup 2024

Draw and Match Schedule

India’s Group Stage Schedule of T20 world cup 2024

This is the India’s Group Schedue of T20 World Cup 2024 :

June 5India vs IrelandNew York
June 9India vs PakistanNew York
June 12USA vs IndiaNew York
June 15India vs CanadaFlorida

Please note that All four of India’s matches will be played in USA, headlined by the marquee clash against rivals Pakistan at Nassau County stadium on June 9 – a Sunday afternoon fixture that will attract viewership from hundreds of millions across sub continent.

The top two teams from each group will advance to the Super Eight stage, followed by semis and final in Barbados. Now Let’s give a bird’s eye view on Complete Tournament Schedule of T20 world cup 2024 :

Complete Tournament Schedule

This is the compete schedule of T20 World Cup 2024 :

June 1USA vs CanadaDallas
June 2West Indies vs Papua New GuineaGuyana
June 2Namibia vs OmanBarbados
June 3Sri Lanka vs South AfricaNew York
June 4Afghanistan vs UgandaGuyana
June 4England vs ScotlandBarbados
June 5India vs IrelandNew York
June 5Papua New Guinea vs UgandaGuyana
June 5Australia vs OmanBarbados
June 6USA vs PakistanDallas
June 6Namibia vs ScotlandBarbados
June 7Canada vs IrelandNew York
June 7New Zealand vs AfghanistanGuyana
June 7Sri Lanka vs BangladeshDallas
June 8Netherlands vs South AfricaNew York
June 8Australia vs EnglandBarbados
June 8West Indies vs UgandaGuyana
June 9India vs PakistanNew York
June 9Oman vs ScotlandAntigua & Barbuda
June 10South Africa vs BangladeshNew York
June 11Pakistan vs CanadaNew York
June 11Sri Lanka vs NepalLauderhill
June 11Australia vs NamibiaAntigua & Barbuda
June 12USA vs IndiaNew York
June 12West Indies vs New ZealandTrinidad and Tobago
June 13England vs OmanAntigua & Barbuda
June 13Bangladesh vs NetherlandsSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
June 13Afghanistan vs Papua New GuineaTrinidad and Tobago
June 14USA vs IrelandLauderhill
June 14South Africa vs NepalSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
June 14New Zealand vs UgandaTrinidad and Tobago
June 15India vs CanadaLauderhill
June 15Namibia vs EnglandAntigua & Barbuda
June 15Australia vs ScotlandSaint Lucia
June 16Pakistan vs IrelandLauderhill
June 16Bangladesh vs NepalSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
June 16Sri Lanka vs NetherlandsSaint Lucia
June 17New Zealand vs Papua New GuineaTrinidad and Tobago
June 17West Indies vs AfghanistanSaint Lucia

Super 8 Schedule

Now Let’s look at the Super 8 Schedule

June 19A2 vs D1Antigua & Barbuda
June 19BI vs C2Saint Lucia
June 20C1 vs A1Barbados
June 20B2 vs D2Antigua & Barbuda
June 21B1 vs D1Saint Lucia
June 21A2 vs C2Barbados
June 22A1 vs D2Antigua & Barbuda
June 22C1 vs B2Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
June 23A2 vs B1Barbados
June 23C2 vs D1Antigua & Barbuda
June 24B2 vs A1Saint Lucia
June 24C1 vs D2Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

And finally let’s discuss about the Knockout Schedule of T20 world cup 2024

Knockout Schedule

June 26Semifinal 1Guyana
June 27Semifinal 2Trinidad and Tobago
June 29FinalBarbados

Logistical Challenges

Putting together fixtures for record 20 teams across two countries with limited cricket infrastructure posed an unprecedented logistical challenge per ICC:

“For this tournament in my experience, has been the most complicated match schedule ever to draft… with the largest ever number of T20 World Cup matches.” – Chris Tetley, ICC Head of Events

“We haven’t released the start time of the matches yet.”

With no floodlights at the pop-up New York stadium, organizers are working out optimal daylight hours for India matches to drive viewership back home.

Tournament Integrity Concerns

Giving top teams like India and England clarity on where their Super Eight games will be played months in advance raises integrity issues around potential pitch doctoring and home advantage per ICC guidelines.

However organizers defended the decision citing logistical and fan comfort considerations for high-demand matches.

Revolutionizing Cricket in USA

The 2024 T20 World Cup marks an ambitious attempt by ICC to tap into the lucrative American sports market.

USA getting to host Indian cricket team for 4 World Cup matches is a huge opportunity to draw eyeballs and catalyze growth of cricket among 30 million existing fans here.

Home side USA face Canada in the opening match in Dallas on June 1. The Indian diaspora heavy crowd at Nassau will witness cricket rivalry at highest level when India clashes with Pakistan.

Just hosting these games has sparked media interest with New York breakfast chat shows discussing a sport still alien to majority here. The nascent Major League Cricket enjoyed decent success in its first season last year.

With marquee events like the T20 World Cup coming to American soil, ICC hopes to harness this burgeoning interest in cricket and accelerate its growth into a major sport here. If this ambitious World Cup gamble pays off, more franchises and infrastructure investment could follow suit to transform cricket’s standing in the lucrative American market in coming years.

Cricket's Untapped Potential in American Market

Cricket’s Untapped Potential in American Market

USA will host ICC World Cup matches for the very first time in 2024 across Florida, Texas and New York – marking a seminal moment to catalyze cricket’s growth in the world’s largest sports revenue market.

ICC believes there are over 30 million existing cricket fans already in USA comprising largely the Indian and West Indian diasporas along with significant followers from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka as well. Tapping even fraction of this enormous fanbase would be gamechanger for the sport.

Home side USA face Canada in opener. Indian diaspora crowds will flock to see Kohli and Rohit Sharma lead India against Pakistan and top sides like England and Australia. These marquee matchups played on American soil provide ideal opportunity to generate enough buzz and interest that it spurs domestic T20 league growth and greater broadcast revenue.

Billionaire investors and private equity funds may then follow WWE founder Vince McMahon’s lead in committing finances towards building more dedicated cricket infrastructure and carving out ecosystems centered around 6-8 major metropolises with sizable expat population.

Ultimately with right strategic nudges via showpiece events like World Cup combined with patient grassroot level effort, ICC hopes cricket can establish strong foothold as viable mainstream sport within $500 billion American sports industry alongside baseball, basketball and soccer.

The Showpiece Venue in New York

The centerpiece venue to catalyze this cricket transformation will be the state-of-the-art pop-up Nassau County International Cricket Stadium near New York built specifically for the 2024 tournament.

Key Features of Nassau County Stadium

  • 34,000 capacity – Among Top 10 biggest cricket stadiums globally!
  • Hospitality suites, party decks akin to Super Bowl
  • Fan zone, food outlets and sufficient parking
  • Location: Situated only 30 miles east from Manhattan city center
  • Build Time: Ready within a remarkable 3 months!
  • Made from modular grandstands repurposed after Las Vegas Formula 1 Grand Prix 2022

How Drop-in Pitches Work

ICC will transport high quality ready grass patches grown near Miami in early May by noted Adelaide Oval curator Damian Hough. This entire pitch square will essentially ‘dropped into’ the New York stadium foundation.

Successful precedent already seen for such drop-in pitches which have been used in recent times for certain cricket matches at Adelaide Oval, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Christchurch venue during ICC World Cup 2015 in Australia/New Zealand.

The underlying technology involves growing thick 35mm grass cuttings enriched with fiber strands on movable steel trays in a nursery. These trays can slide in and out of secure encasings built within the stadium pitches. This allows replacing worn out pitches with new ones within 24 hours while protecting grass quality.

Such drop-in pitches have greater durability because natural wear and tear gets divided over multiple grass patches instead of sustained by a single pitch alone across many months. Their year round usage also improves revenue generation. Outfields however will still need to be grown locally.

Cricket Set for American Primetime

Plans are already underway to showcase the unmatched spectacle of India vs Pakistan World Cup clash to millions of new fans here as organizers target domestic primetime TV slot for the June 9 fixture.

Recent resounding success of Premier League and La Liga football airing weekend morning kickoffs catering to Asian TV audiences sets optimistic precedent for marquee cricket too gaining reasonable viewership if match timings are set appropriately.

Espn Star Sports will be hopeful their 2021 IPL rating of 104 million Americans can be matched. Anything close should be strong enough for Disney Star India to renegotiate next ICC rights cycle starting 2024-2031 around a much higher ceiling thanks to this World Cup exposure.

In turn, greater broadcast dollars will directly improve funding for USA Cricket going towards infrastructure and youth development that shall lay down foundation of a competitive national team in coming decade – capable of propelling cricket as prominent sport in America and prompt formation of a profitable T20 franchise league mimicking football’s MLS.

There is afterall strong latent demand for a widely followed summer sport in USA once baseball winds down by August. Homegrown stars like California teen Yashasvi Jaiswal rising through ranks shall provide further fillip.


Q1. Where will India play arch-rivals Pakistan at 2024 World Cup?

A1. The high-profile India vs Pakistan match will be held at the new pop-up cricket stadium in Nassau County near New York City on June 9.

Q2. How many teams are participating in 2024 T20 World Cup?

A2. 2024 T20 World Cup will feature 20 teams – the highest ever for an ICC global event. 16 sides competed in previous 2022 edition.

Q3. Who designed the innovative New York cricket stadium?

A3. Globally renowned architects Populous have designed the pop-up Nassau County stadium. Populous has created iconic venues like Yankee Stadium, Tottenham Stadium etc.

Q4. What special features will the New York cricket ground have?

A4. Key features include 34,000 seats, hospitality suites, party decks, fan zone, food/drinks outlets and a drop-in pitch from Adelaide Oval.

Q5. How long will it take to build the new cricket stadium in New York?

A5. The modular stadium will be created in a remarkable 3 months! Work starts as early as February 2024 for the June 2024 matches.

Q6. Has USA hosted T20 World Cup games before?

A6. No, 2024 will be the first ever ICC World Cup hosted in USA. Matches will be played across Florida, Texas and New York.

Q7. What is the objective behind taking T20 World Cup to USA?

A7. ICC wants to grow the sport in the large, lucrative US market with over 30 million existing cricket fans. Hosting India vs Pakistan could revolutionize cricket here.


In summary, the innovative pop-up Nassau County cricket stadium near New York forms centerpiece of ICC’s pioneering efforts to unlock cricket’s massive uncharted growth potential within American sports entertainment industry through the vehicle of the 2024 T20 World Cup mega event comprising world class matchups like India vs Pakistan and India vs England.

If the stadium construction finishes on time and games gain reasonable viewership, this World Cup gamble should pay rich dividends for the future of American cricket. Let’s recape it with these bullet points :

  • The 20-team 2024 T20 World Cup will be most logistically complex ICC event ever
  • India grouped with Pakistan, USA, Canada and Ireland
  • An innovative pop-up stadium in New York to host 8 games including India vs Pakistan clash
  • Drop-in pitches, floodlights being installed at the venue
  • Unique chance for ICC to grow cricket in the large American market
  • Media interest already sparked – breakfast chat shows discussing cricket

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