Is Ambani’s Empire Burning Down After Massive 56% Profit Wipeout?: Jio Financial Services Q3 Results

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Jio Financial Services, the financial services arm of Mukesh Ambani‘s Reliance empire, announced its results for the third quarter ended December 2024 this week. The company reported a 56% sequential decline in consolidated net profit to ₹294 crore due to a dip in revenue. However, Jio Financial Services has strong long-term growth potential despite the quarterly blip.

In this blog, we will analyze Jio Financial Services’ latest Q3 FY24 results, financial performance over the past year, segment-wise breakup, and future outlook.

Jio Financial Services Q3 Results at a Glance

Here are the key highlights of Jio Financial Services’ Q3 FY24 results:

  • Consolidated net profit declined 56% quarter-on-quarter to ₹294 crore, down from ₹667 crore in Q2 FY24.
  • Consolidated revenue from operations fell 32% sequentially to ₹413.61 crore versus ₹610 crore in Q2.
  • Total expenses for the quarter rose to ₹98.95 crore compared to ₹71.43 crore in Q2.
  • Net gain on fair value dipped to ₹103 crore against ₹164 crore in the previous quarter.
  • Interest income rose 44% quarterly to ₹269 crore from ₹186 crore in Q2.

The drop in profit and revenue was due to a high base effect and a reduction in investment income. However, the company remains well-positioned for long-term growth.

9M FY24 Performance Remains Strong

Despite the blip in Q3 earnings, Jio Financial Services has posted strong results over the 9 months of FY24 so far:

  • Net profit for 9M FY24 stands at ₹1,294 crore.
  • Revenue for 9M FY24 totals ₹1,436 crore.
  • The balance sheet remains healthy with ample liquidity.
  • Interest income for 9M FY24 gained to ₹669 crore.
  • Rising retail and institutional investor demand will aid growth.
  • Increasing financial services penetration in India is a key tailwind.

The temporary dip in Q3 should not detract from the company’s robust operational performance over the past three quarters and positive long-term outlook.

Segment-Wise Performance

Jio Financial Services’ results comprise the consolidated performance of its subsidiaries and associates across segments:

  • Jio Payments Bank: Steady growth is expected in the deposits and payments vertical.
  • Jio Insurance Broking: Tapping rising insurance demand across India.
  • Jio Financial Products: Digital lending and financing vertical has huge potential.
  • Jio Payments Solutions: Leading player in merchant payments and commerce.

Each segment is poised to ride strong industry growth trends that will bolster Jio Financial’s results over the coming years.

Future Outlook and Projections

Despite some near-term headwinds that compressed Q3 profit, Jio Financial Services retains multiple drivers for robust long-term growth:

  • India’s rising financial services demand offers huge untapped potential.
  • Jio’s extensive reach and large customer base provide cross-selling opportunities.
  • Ventures into lending, insurance, and digital payments leverage growth sectors.
  • Regulatory moves like data privacy bills and UPI integration will aid the fintech ecosystem.
  • Strong technology capabilities and innovation pipeline.
  • Scope to expand offerings beyond retail into institutional and SME segments.

While Q3 FY24 results moderated from previous quarters due to a high base effect, Jio Financial Services has levers to deliver exponential growth at scale over the coming decade.


Q: Why did Jio Financial Services’ profit decline 56% quarterly in Q3 FY24?

A: The 56% QoQ drop in net profit was largely due to a high base effect and a decrease in investment income compared to the previous quarter.

Q: Which key segments contribute to Jio Financial Services’ earnings?

A: Key segments include Jio Payments Bank, Jio Insurance Broking, Jio Financial Products, and Jio Payments Solutions.

Q: What is the 9M FY24 financial performance of Jio Financial Services?

A: For the 9 months of FY24 so far, Jio Financial Services has posted net profit of ₹1,294 crore and revenue of ₹1,436 crore.

Q: Does Jio Financial Services have strong long-term growth potential?

A: Yes, Jio Financial Services is well-positioned to deliver exponential long-term growth given India’s underpenetrated financial services market.

Q: Which industries are key tailwinds for Jio Financial Services?

A: Insurance, digital lending, digital payments, and fintech are high-growth sectors that Jio Financial leverages.

Q: What is Jio Financial Services’ outlook for FY25?

A: Drivers like cross-selling opportunities, new product launches, and market growth should boost FY25’s performance.

Q: Does the Q3 profit decline impact Jio’s long-term growth trajectory?

A: No, the Q3 result is a temporary blip and Jio Financial retains multiple levers for long-term exponential growth at scale.


Jio Financial Services‘ Q3 FY24 earnings spotlight a short-term dip in profit and revenue every quarter. But strong year-to-date performance and long-term growth levers remain firmly intact. The company has a vast runway for expansion as financial services adoption rises across India. Jio’s extensive reach, innovative products, and appetite for disruption make it a frontrunner to tap the underpenetrated financial services market in the country. While Q3 results mark a blip in its growth journey, Jio Financial Services remains on track to deliver the exponential expansion of India’s financial services landscape over the next decade.


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