AstraZeneca admits Covishield vaccine can cause rare blood clotting disorder TTS in "very rare cases." 

TTS leads to formation of blood clots & low platelet count, potentially life-threatening complications. 

51 cases filed in UK court, victims seeking £100M in damages for injuries & deaths linked to vaccine. 

AstraZeneca facing legal battle over claims Covishield caused permanent brain injury, other severe effects. 

Pharmaceutical giant initially denied vaccine caused TTS, contradicting its latest admission in court. 

Victims' families urge apology, compensation from AstraZeneca for devastating impact of vaccine side effects. 

Regulatory bodies maintain Covishield benefits outweigh rare risks, emphasize vigilance & reporting crucial. 

Covishield played vital role in India's vaccination drive, but AstraZeneca's admission raises safety concerns. 

Legal proceedings to determine potential payouts, transparency & responsible communication key to public trust. 

Continued research & monitoring essential to ensure vaccine safety & address rare adverse events.