Over 5,000 Indians trapped in cyber slavery ring, forced into cybercrime in Cambodia. 

Agents lured victims with false job promises, trafficked them to Cambodia for cyber frauds. 

Victims faced abuse, confinement if targets not met for scamming Indians via dating apps. 

Indian government collaborated with Cambodia, rescued 250+ nationals from criminal syndicate. 

Cyber slaves forced to create fake profiles, dupe people into cryptocurrency investment scams. 

Extortion tactics used, posing as officials to extract money from Indians claiming parcel issues. 

Transnational organized crime, human trafficking unveiled; global efforts needed to combat. 

Victims narrate harrowing tales of abuse, confinement, and psychological trauma. 

FIRs crucial for Indian agencies to crack down on agents, companies involved in racket. 

Awareness, victim support, regulatory reforms essential to prevent cyber slavery, exploitation.