Arvind Kejriwal's surprising book request during jail term piques curiosity about 'How Prime Ministers Decide'.

Book delves into tenures of 6 PMs - Indira Gandhi's resilience after Emergency loss to Manmohan Singh's reforms.

Reveals behind-the-scenes details influencing PM decisions on pressing issues during their respective tenures.

Indira's political acumen: Reaching out to critics, allying with Shiv Sena after Bal Thackeray's initial opposition.

Rajiv Gandhi's controversial moves on Shah Bano case, Babri Masjid locks opening explored in-depth.

P.V. Narasimha Rao's tenure dissected, including Babri demolition, his association with Vajpayee on nuclear tests.

Book examines Modi's distinct decision-making style, suggesting more books needed to uncover key choices.

Highlights evolution of Indian democracy, changing role of PMO, and challenges facing democratic institutions.

Explores caste, religion, and class dynamics in India's political landscape under different PMs.

Critical reflection on coalition politics paradox - accountability vs corruption and instability.